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Free Blue Diamond Almond Milk March 30, 2010

Filed under: Coupons,Free Food,free milk — Alexandria @ 9:04 pm

Awesome find from another blog. Whole Foods: Free Blue Diamond Almond Milk

 Remember the great deal on Blue Diamond Almond Breeze I told you about a few weeks ago?  Well I need to restock and just wanted you to know you can still get it free!

The aseptic (or the one that is on the dry shelf pictured above) is regularly priced at $1.99.  There are coupons for $1 off Blue Diamond in the March/April Whole Deal newsletter.  You can print a copy HERE or just grab the booklets at the front of the store.
almond breezeThen use the $1 off coupon HERE or from 2/28 SS- so the final price is free!!
I did this numerous times without any issues but I understand some Whole Foods will not allow coupons to be stacked- you might want to call ahead if you aren’t sure about your store!
I have already gone through all my coupons but I still plan to buy more with the $1 off Whole Deal coupons.  .99 is still an excellent price!


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