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Need your car washed but only have 2 dollars- Follow my tips! August 6, 2010

Filed under: dealership,free car wash,vacuum — Alexandria @ 2:55 pm

I think I am broke again. After paying for maintenance on my car, I think I just call it what it is. Although because I own a Honda it’s not to bad, but hey I am spending more money in my mind than anything! Regardless, on this venture I ended up finding out a new way to save money. By going to my dealership I get a fee car wash. Normally, I only go to do an oil change just for the free car wash. But if you are hip, like me, you can actually get an entire car wash for less than 2 bucks and here is how! Simply go to a place (dealership, kwick kar) that gives you a complimentary oil change. Afterwards, count your pennies and head over to your local car wash place and simply vacuum and add your own fragrance.

I have my own small bottle of armor oil which cost a dollar at the car wash (I still have it!). If you want an adventure like me, I actually go to some of these new 5dollar car wash places and just simply ask if I can quickly vacuum or pay to do it. I have done this several times, and normally they don’t care and are super busy. See it’s really simple!


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