Save your Pennies, Count your Blessings

Freebies and Savings for the DFW!

September 15, 2010

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I love football season!! Let me stress this … LOVE.. But I love watching games in a pub or bar.. I love the yelling and talking trash about the teams to random other watchers or supporters. But it always cost a lot… However, check out this new deal coming that is a great saving….

Promotional Event Description

Free Food During Football

KNOX STREET PUB & GRILL is here to host all your fantasy football, college and pro football needs. We offer free food if you email us and let us know how many you have coming. Saturday and Sunday are both days to do all your football watching at Knox . $12 buckets and $10 pitchers on Saturday and for Sunday, $2 Domestics bottles and $2 Draft pints of Miller Lite along with $5 appetizers will be offered. Coming Soon:: Thursday Sept 16th starts Thirsty Thursday’s–check back for more details


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