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Money Saving Tips September 26, 2010

Filed under: Saving Tips — Alexandria @ 2:47 pm

Saving money, is easier said than done. It is not just a habit but a way of life. you can think saving 5% on your gas purchases is saving but carpooling and avoiding traffic actually will save you more in the long run. Personally, gas is a huge consumption of a lot of my money recently, as I drive every where for anything. With the increase in oil changes, maintenance, and rotation and such it can add up rather quickly and instead of saving money, I am spending more because I have increased my mileages.

I enjoyed these tips on how to save money. I still have to tell myself these things over and over again. It takes time and you must make this a habit and a way of life. This is my own personal goal moving forward. Here are my top three out of 10 tips. I will continue on next week with 3 more.

#1 Avoid temptations.
We’re all subjected to 24/7 advertisements and promotions and have born the brunt of marketing campaigns. Just try sitting through your favorite popular program on television without feeling like subliminal messages are being programmed straight into your brain through not-so-subtle endorsements and commercials. How do you avoid the temptation to consume? Easy.

Avoid the source of temptation. Watch less or no television if you can help it. Avoid window shopping. Avoid the Joneses. In my case, I don’t mind being bombarded by advertising and the call of consumerism. I have nerves of steel and have very strong will power, and it’s easy for me to say “NO” to myself.

#2 Use grocery coupons and buy generic items.
Develop a routine that involves organizing and collecting coupons and coming up with a system for buying items. Work on becoming a savvy, smart shopper, buy generic items, shop on sales days.

#3 Don’t use credit cards.

Keep a limited number of credit cards — a couple is enough, in my opinion. If you ’re going to use cards at all, go for those with 0% APR or those with rewards, like cash back credit cards. Better yet, cut them all up and use cash! You’ll spend 12% to 18% less if you make it a habit to use cash in your transactions.


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