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Need Halloween Costumes??? October 9, 2010

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Okay, so I am all about swapping my clothes for “new” clothes. (This is a new obsession I am having) Recently my mentee and I have been doing this. She found great vintage jewlry and knew I would love majority of the things she didn’t like or want. (I left with half a bag full of stuff!! Blog write up coming soon!) I also give her my old clothes or things that my Image Consultant says “Alex now you know that is not cute- and not you.” *sigh…. She will kindly tell me also “Does that fit? Really?”

Anyway, for those of you who are in need of some halloween costumes, yet you still have yours from last year – try this out. RSVP though before going. Oh yeah Great snacks too!!
(Gotta love My Dallas Mommy!!)

Reminder: RSVP for Halloween Swap this weekend
Posted: 2010-10-07 11:15:00 UTC-05:00

Have old costumes to get rid of? Need new ones for this year? We’ve got a plan! We all have those extra costumes from years past that we would like to part with, plus some are still in need of costumes for this year! We are hosting our first ever Costume Swap! This is how this will work: Bring your costumes that you want to part with. Each costume brought can be bought for $5. (You keep your $5 earned!!) (We are capping it at $5 per costume, not per piece.) If the costume is out over your arm…it’s to be sold…if it’s in a bag, it’s bought. CASH ONLY! You are free to move about looking around to buy costumes. I will send super detailed instructions to all who RSVP. We need a head count to make sure we have ample space for this event…and of course we will have some yummy FREE snacks provided by Sweet Tomatoes! This will be held in my Subdivision Pavilion (in McKinney/Frisco area) on Sunday October 10th at 3:PM. Little ones are welcome to come along as it’s attached to a nice park! If you want to leave your unsold costumes, they will be donated to kids in need!


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