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Last sections for Money Saving Tips (part 3) October 11, 2010

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Here are the final tips from the digerat life website

#8 Buy used.
Want 50% or more discounts on anything? Try Craigslist or your consignment centers. I’ve been amazed by some of the quality I’ve seen at stores and places I’ve picked up used items from.

#9 Downsize.
The moment you downsize, whether it be your car, house or your entire life, you’ll immediately notice what a big break you’ll be giving your wallet. Everything we own these days requires some amount of maintenance, and what many people don’t realize is how much it costs to sustain the stuff we buy. The bigger your car, house, or hobby, the more money you normally end up shelling out to maintain them. Clearly, downsizing and “simplifying” means less maintenance and therefore, less bucks spent.

#10 Postpone purchases.
Delay those purchases you have planned as much as you can. Or make purchases in installments (unless you get charged for it) to buy yourself some time and stagger the financial load. It’s almost as good as saying “no”.


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