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Halloween Costume- Funny yet cheap! October 17, 2010

Filed under: Saving Tips — Alexandria @ 2:20 pm

Okay, so Halloween is around the corner. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to be on a budget. I am sure I will go to a thrift store for something (Plus I whatever I get I want to wear after the holiday has ended lol )

While I do not celebrate the traditional Halloween style (Religious reasons), I take part in festivity of the “Day of the Dead” and All Saint’s Eve to name a few. Anyway, there will be more information about that later. But I fell across another blog that had a great idea for a Halloween Costume. (My Facebook friend Chris J had this on his wall. Thanks man!)

You can read on the actual blog by clicking here for more but basically the picture says it for you. I now present……

The Bed Intruder Costume for 2010!!

LOL! Yes you saw the picture correctly! I think it’s actually a good idea. I can’t help but to laugh too! If someone came to my door like this, I would give him all my candy and sing the song with him. I am silly like that.

But I wouldn’t buy it. (Sorry that’s the truth!) I actually would make it. Save the 20 bucks plus shipping and do the following …

Beater– What guy doesn’t have a black beater…. FREE
Head Wrap– ummm go to your local Beauty supply store 1.00 buck (Any craft store has them as well)

Wig– Local Beauty supply store. Get a cheap wig that should not be more than 10 bucks. If you are a cool guy, a female will kindly buy this kind of wig for you if you don’t feel comfortable. Please stick with a #1, or 1b though.

Savings of 9 dollars! And don’t forget this isn’t with the shipping charges so its almost 15-20 dollars you have saved. You can use the money on gas, and the Wendy’s dollar menu if need be.


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