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Sunday Funnies- Don’t mess with my PlayStation! October 17, 2010

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I love video games. I remember the moment I finally got my Game Gear and my cousin and I would stay up playing Streets of Rage for hours. Yeah I am kind of old but this game was great!! Axel, Blade and Adam kicking butt on the streets!…. Anyway I understand the connection one has with their video games. Now and days, video games have their own world and are a social media of their own- connecting thousands of people globally in an instant.

So, if you ever get an idea of how to make someone (a video game lover) upset… Don’t take their prized procession, or you could end up in some serious issues… Read below from the msnb website on what happens when a girl takes a boy PlayStation..

Girl takes PlayStation, boy runs her off road By Athima Chansanchai

When Darren Suchon used a car as a battering ram against another car driven by his girlfriend, Colleen Frable, it wasn’t a simple case of road rage, or love gone awry.
It was a crime of passion: for his PlayStation, that his live-in girlfriend had taken in anger over all the time her unemployed beau was spending on it instead of trying to find a job. In a last ditch attempt to get him off the couch and onto a productive path, she took the PlayStation to work Friday.

Bad move.

That action set off Suchon, 42, who followed Frable in her Chevy Impala from their Pennsylvania home in another car, also hers, a 1996 gold Porsche sports car. He rear-ended her and forced her off the road in an attempt to get the console back. The Morning Call’s Pamela Lehman reported on the story, which had all the elements of a sim game gone Jerry Springer-style:
Frable looked in her rearview mirror and saw Suchon driving her Porsche while waving his arms and yelling to get her to pull over.

Frable said Suchon nearly hit her car several times and forced her onto the shoulder of the road twice. When she stopped at a light near Route 145, Suchon hit the rear end of her car. Frable said she pulled into a parking lot in the 4700 block of Lehigh Drive, which is Route 248, and Suchon got out of her car. She said Suchon was yelling at her to give him the PlayStation and trying to force down her driver’s-side window, which was open halfway. She said Suchon stopped and left when two men came out of a nearby business.

Lehman reported that Suchon now faces several charges, including simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless driving and driving with a suspended or revoked license. He was sent to Northampton County Prison under $25,000 bail.

After the chase, it was apparent he was still in a foggy state when it came to realizing how crazy he was for trying to run his girlfriend off the road for his games. “I just wanted the game, I would never hurt her. I just wanted the game,” he told police.


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