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Saving Your Pennies *Special* – Cheaper & Natural Lotions October 24, 2010

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Recently, I am cutting down on my cost with daily stuff I use such as bath soaps, facial washes, and lotions for the body. I really dislike Walmart… and it seems that either I go to Walmart to get the cheaper products (lotions, moisturizer) or pay more and go to my favorite Target (oooooooo I love Target!!) or CVS.

Anyway, I have been reading, studying, and researching when it comes to body lotions. I noted in the winter months, my cost of lotions, creams, etc increases. Not that I really use more, it’s just that I switch to creams (thicker) and in general the cost increase during winter time. (The law of Supply and Demand)

So I have/am testing the cost of natural stuff. Since I currently use Shea butter, coconut and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on my hair, why not use these on my skin.

So here is what I am doing

The Test
I currently am using Coconut on my upper body, and EVOO on my lower to see which one I like. I am also using the mixture of the two on my hands since my hands are always in need (I wash a lot because I go to the bathroom a lot!)

I even found everything online somethings you can order if you don’t want to go to the store.

Overall Products with Cost

EVOO 1 Liter – 10 dollars (Again this is found at the Indian store)

Virgin Coconut Oil- 3.99 (Bought this with my image consultant at the indian store but any would do)

Shea Butter -5.00 (I bought this in a beauty supply store. online they have a packet of 2 but this is the kind I bought)

So this is what I am doing. I am reusing some old bottles from various other products. I have used Carol’s Daughter bottle for my two oil mixes and at night. I will put on the shea butter with a dab of Coconut oil together. If this works right, I will put them in an used coconut butter container and just keep that in the car. (Save the environment! Reuse those bottles!!) Look for a update to this post within the next coming weeks!


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