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Today, I will take off to go and vote! I am very excited as I exercise my right to vote on the regular. While I am “registered” as a republican, I am (or was) actually a left moderate social authoritarian I know long title! Check out the graph below. If you want to take the quiz you can. It takes 5mins and is interesting to see your views. Basically, I am moderate but believe in some authority stuff.

Well, for those of you who need some help and don’t side with either party- I have a great free document for you to download. The League of Women have been publishing a non bias (a dying breed) document on the candidates, the issues, and sides. Simply put they put the info out there and then you decide. I actually read over them, and never vote for anyone who did not submit their information to the organization. There is even a link for you to personalize your ballot and get specific information on your area. So pretty much you can walk in with a pre-made ballot! Talk about quickly voting!

You can download it by clicking her.


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