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Great Gifts on the Cheap… November 21, 2010

Filed under: Saving Tips — Alexandria @ 3:09 am

I really enjoyed game nights and especially games.I grew up with such as chutes and ladders, and candyland. Well, since Toys R Us knows its that time of the year, they have amazing specials right now on these great classic games. You can get several of these board games for under 3-4 dollars!! First check out Toys R’ Us Ads right here, then go ahead and print out this rebate form over at Hasbro’s website here. You can compare the prices of games and such online. It’s that simple! These are great for gift giving to all people. I would suggest buying the games and printing off cards so that people could have game night. For more information on hosting your own game night, or tips on making the cards see here


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