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Black Friday Tips November 26, 2010

Filed under: Saving Tips — Alexandria @ 5:08 am

So what to do for the BlackFriday.. Its here but here are some tips from Black Friday’s website on what to do.

Brad’s Top 10 Tips for Black Friday Sales

Research: start your Black Friday 2010 sale research on Thanksgiving day or earlier.
Make a plan: identify what you want to buy, which stores have the best sales on Black Friday, and what time they open.
Timing is everything: arrange stores by opening time from early to late.
A fool and his money: be wary of Black Friday deals with quantity limits. If a store only has 10 items at that price, go elsewhere.
Visualize: know where your items are in the store.
Stay Safe: Previous Black Friday sales were honestly deadly; please don’t trample or shoot anyone!
Power of numbers: go with a team and attack separate stores or separate sections of the same store. Designate a meeting place.
Bring a snack: only amateurs stop at the food court on Black Friday! (Or the bathroom – so go before you leave.)
The quiet ones: don’t ignore stores that don’t advertise. They will have Black Friday deals too!!
Have fun: enjoy your family, friends and deals

Oh and my personal tip- Rest of Black Friday….Go on White Saturday 🙂 Sometimes you can find things still on sale or restocked. Fewer lines and same specials without all the hassle of Black Friday.


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