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Freebies and Savings for the DFW!

Kayne West’s Album for 1 Buck! November 27, 2010

Filed under: Saving Tips — Alexandria @ 5:19 am

I am enjoying the freebies over on Amazon. As I am literally saving pennies and counting blessings right now; I am looking for all the freebies and steals. Aside from his 80s endeavorer with gold chain and teeth, Kayne’s album released this week. For a buck, you can have it!

It’s 3.99 over at Amazon. A few days ago, I blogged about the 3 dollar credit from Amazon. Click here if you forgot. Use code GET3MP3S and get $3 good for albums or songs at Amazon MP3. So that means you basically are getting a cd for free!! Enjoy!! So by using it, you will get Ye’s tracks for only a dollar! Click here for direct link to Kayne’s albumn.


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