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Little Lessons- Savings on the Essentials December 22, 2010

So today, I was over due on washing my hair. I was pretty much out of my leave-in-conditioner, which is by Cantu. I am a fan of this conditioner and also one by Say Yes to Cucumbers. Cantu is a bit better on the budget (less than 5 dollars.)

Today, I was fighting traffic to get home. *sigh

I ran into Sally’s hoping to find Cantu or some leave in conditioner and a Super Cheap deep conditioner. Sally’s has those small sample packets that I really like. I can test a product without the big “investment” of purchasing the whole bottle. If it doesn’t work, I save myself one less failed product. Today I learned a dear lesson (again)- Stick to what you know and Research….

I didn’t want to go to Target and spend more (time and money) to get my Cantu, so I ended up purchasing some leave in conditioner by Creme of Nature. .

This Conditioner was a complete waste and now I sit here trying to figure out what to do with it! My hair was horrible and weirdly dry! (A conditioner is suppose to condition your hair. ….ie. add moisture not take it away from it!)

This was a good lesson. I should have just paid the extra two bucks, and 20 minutes to get the correct conditioner. If you are switching up to find a cheaper alternative, RESEARCH!! Had I stopped and researched on the internet (youtube, google, blogs etc), I would not be in this situation.  It would have taken me less than 2 minutes to see the countless negative reviews after pulling up the product on my blackberry. (SMH)

For the essentials in your life, look countlessly for coupons and competitive pricing. Currently, Cantu is 5.99 at Target, yet $1 less at Wal-mart. Had I looked at this before, I could have printed off  this information and Target would have matched the price. Target also would take 5-to-10% additionally off the matched price. Plus, I found a coupon for $1 off. Yes! I am kicking myself right now!! This cost less than what I just paid for the horrible stuff called “Conditioner” by Creme of Nature.

Sometimes once again, being cheap will cost you more period. In my case, I still have to purchase the Cantu. Maybe Santa will leave it under my Christmas Tree.. Wait.. We don’t have one (tree) up! hahaha Maybe the Tooth fairy will ?or the  Easter Bunny? or Jesus? Heck….Any make believe person/animal can leave something for me…… 🙂


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