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Save those Unwanted Gift (cards) December 27, 2010

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Now that the holidays have ended,  I am sure you are left with a bunch of unwanted gifts, gift cards, and “re-gifted” items. *sigh ….I have some good news for you that can actually save you some money.  For those of you who have many gift cards, but could used the cash instead, there is a great website called Plastic Jungle. On their website, they make it simple. Here it is….

Plastic Jungle is the web’s largest secured gift card exchange, offering the best way to buy and sell gift cards online.

Our patent-pending marketplace and payment applications offer you the choice and flexibility to convert your gift cards into other forms of spending power – including cash, online balances for purchases at the millions of merchants that accept PayPal, Facebook Credits, and more.

So, I think this is my new favorite website for those unwanted Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards. It’s so expensive there, and I much rather shop at Target or have the cash for some gas. Go check them out!


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