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Tips for New Years Eve December 31, 2010

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So you waited to the last mintue for NYE Plans… Well if you need some ideas here are some great tips I found on Daily Candy’s website! Great article!

The New Yearling

Ritzy Bee’s Tips for New Year’s Entertaining

new years eve!The invitations are sent, and the guests are en route. Get the party started with tips from our favorite event and wedding planner, Maria Cooke of Ritzy Bee Events.

Ring My Bell
Round up a collection of old and new clocks, old-fashioned pocket watches, even alarm clocks (the more variety, the better). Make them the focal point on a mantel or dinner table for a whimsical look. Set the chimes to strike at midnight.

Sock Hop
Encourage guests to kick off their shoes. To get ’em comfy, offer an assortment of cute patterned, woolly, and knee-highsocks they also get to keep.

Sleep It Off
Host a grown-up slumber party. Invite people to bring sleeping bags and pj’s. Serve brunch in the morning and decorate each place setting with a mini hangover kit (Advil, Gatorade, other feel-better goodies).

Hot to Trot
Set up a hot chocolate station as guests are leaving. Showcase toppings like marshmallows (for designated drivers) and schnapps (for drunkards). Use cute mugs as giveaways. And since cabs are hard to come by, reserve a minibus oralternate transport to get everyone home safely.

Now go make your party a perfect 2010.
And don’t forget the booze! Don’t miss our recipe gallery ofNew Year’s cocktails.


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