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Locally Saving January 12, 2011

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Local Stores Have Great Deals

Local Stores Have Great Deals

Today, I went to a local place called Oliver’s fine food. I have passed it a million times, so I finally stopped by to see it. It is a wonderful place that has the “neighborhood store” appeal to it. While I have a taste of this feeling (neighborhood store), at places like Whole Foods, I can say it’s nothing like the real thing.

After looking around, I was taken back by their meat section. The cuts and assortment were amazing. The prices we even better! I was able to taste a variety of samples as well.

In today’s economy, take a look at local stores instead of the “big retailers.” Stores like Oliver, Aldi and other local small stores have a great deal of savings and even better service. They are hardly over packed like the big stores, so time is also saved. Locally owned stores also give many of their repeat customers specials, deals and other additional items. They are also more quickly to carry specialty items that you may need or request.

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