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A Family of Savings January 16, 2011

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Family Dollar Store On A Rainy Day

Family Dollar Store On A Rainy Day

There is this belief that everything is always cheaper at Wal-mart. The truth is – Wal-mart is not cheaper by any means. Have you seen there prices recently?

I bought some allergy medicine and spent $6 on 5 pills at Wal-mart. *sigh. I went to Target and Family Dollar later that day. Unfortunately, I saw the same medicine (brand name too), cheaper at both stores. It was a dollar cheaper at Target and half the price at Family Dollar. *shocked!

I must confess, I don’t visit Family Dollar often because I hate lines and love Dollar Tree. However, after this recent visit, I realized there are some good deals at Family Dollar. From $4 shirts, to $2 golden raisins (my favorite), Family Dollar should be the new considered the Wal-mart if your looking to save some serious pennies.

If Family Dollar isn’t in your area, check out some of their sister companies or similar stores. The savings add up!

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