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Free Art Night at DMA February 18, 2011

Sorry for the lateness but tonight is DMA’s free night! Visit for all detail!


2 Responses to “Free Art Night at DMA”

  1. JOLIE Says:

    Are you sure? I went to their site and it said all tickets are $10 or less. But it’s their late night tonight, so they’re open til midnight and there are various artists and musicians playing. Still, I don’t think it’s free… I know Bank of America members get in free to museums the first weekend of each month, but today is the 18th.

    • Alexandria Says:

      Hey Jolie, let me try to clarify for you. Certain areas are free like to the atrium for cocktails and such. This is open free for people for a certain time. The things beyond that cost 10 or less. They are not saying specifics from what I can see but I was just reporting on the free section of tonight. You might want to call them 214-922-1200.


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