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Wardrobe for Entire Month March 21, 2011

One of my past time loves happens to be the Nate Berkus show. I just love all the new ideas and cost savings that are on the show. I saw a great episode and my eyes went crazy!! With 200 dollars she mixed and matched pieces that last for an entire month! I had to pass this along because this is purely a cost saving episode.

Items from Nate Berkus….

by CHEAPCHICA11 on MARCH 18, 2011

Here’s where I bought the items you saw featured on the show (L to R) along with links on where to find items similar to the ones she already had in her closet:

Photo Credit: Julie Holder/Sony Pictures Television

Look 1: Grey Sheath Dress, Target $29.99

Look 2: Merona Printed Top, Target $29.99; Black Pants, Old Navy $24 ; Pink Belt, Kohls $12.99

Look 3: Merona Yellow Cardigan, Target $29.99; White Tank, Walmart $3.99; Printed Skirt, H&M $25

Look 4: White Button Down, Forever 21 $19; White Jeans, JCPenney (Olsen Boye) $24, Printed Scarf Belt, Target $12.99

Look 5: Striped Blazer, H&M $25; Grey Skirt, Old Navy $19.99

Look 6: Purple Blouse, JCPenney (East Fifth) $8.99;  Grey Skirt, Old Navy $19.99

Look 7: Striped T-shirt, H&M $12.99 Skinny Jeans, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls$34.99, Printed Scarf Belt, Target $12.99, Pink Flats, Old Navy $22.50


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