Save your Pennies, Count your Blessings

Freebies and Savings for the DFW!

About Me August 27, 2010

Laughing, Loving, and Listening to Music is ALL I do!

As a “money saving specialist” since I was 14, I have learned the best things in life can actually come free with a little bit of work, dedication and a persistent smile. From free “day old” bread, to 5 dollars a month internet service, I have learned how to get the things I needed (and sometimes wanted) in life by saving, using my pennies wisely, and counting my blessings each and everyday. My goal is simple- to take everything I have learned and pass it along to you my reader. Do not worry; this is not made up stuff. These are tips, and tricks I have and actually use on a daily bases with pictures and videos to prove.

Outside of saving you money, I do a variety of other things. I am a triathlete and also love to encourage people all around. So enjoy this website as I have recorder a variety of things I do to show you- you can do it too!


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