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Where to watch the Mavs Game? June 10, 2011

So the watch party game is sold out on Sunday, but don’t stress I have a few of my favorite places that are great backups to watch the game.

Where to watch the Mavs Game in Dallas

Friday’s Downtown

Okay when the MAVS win, you will be in the roar and hear it!

Pro: Great place for a variety of food and specialty drinks. Happy hour specials!!

Con: Parking is a pain and not even an option. Take the train or prepare to pay for parking at a lot

DALLAS, TX 75202
(214) 744-2936


Home of the famous cheese fries you can’t beat the legendary place

Pro: Food is amazing and not close to a lot of traffic

Con: Small area for television at some areas


If you can’t make it to Friday’s Downtown Chili’s is always the best place to go.

Pro: Lots of specials and half price appetizers. 10 to 15 bucks will fill you up with dip, drinks and cheers.

Con: Small bar area & can’t have half price appetizers in restaurant area

Tip: I went with some friends to the one off 30 (Dallas) & they have tv’s in the restaurant area too/ call ahead


Known for its amazing drinks this is definitely the AAC game watch hang out. There is a Gator’s right across from TGIF in west end as well.

Pro: Drinks are large and strong. Great atmosphere and in the mix of everything

Con: Food is stellar and kind of pricey for small amounts. Stick to appetizers or just a burger. Parking is same as TGIF (west end location) Smoking in the other location.

Tip: Get there early!! Lots of TVs spots to choose from.


One of my new favorite places to go  now. Upscale bar but still has the “sports bar” people that make it relaxed.

Pro: College atmosphere with a flair of style. Lots of unique features and food. ( the tuna appetizer was great!)

Con: SMU students (no offense), parking  and service can be really slow.

Studio Movie Grill

The next biggest screen is at the Cowboys Stadium…

Pro: Complete service and good food with a HUGE screen!

Con: You might hear some of the theater next to you & not every SMG offers this.

Have to buy 6 or 12 dollar for a ticket , which it goes towards food and drink (basically you have to eat/drink there)


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